Greg King

Five Stones

New Career Opportunity

I had to turn my head so many times as I tried to watch this guy. Enjoy! 


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Heroes Prediction

My prediction of who the nightmare man is on the show “Heroes” is either Angela Petrelli or the High School boy who Claire is dating. I think his name is West. My money is on Angela. Hopefully tonight we will find out.

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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

Once again I am late to get on the wagon but I am loving  the new show Heroes . I rented season one and on DVD and  I’m trying to get completely caught up before season 2 begins in late Sept. So far my favorite character  is Hiro Nakamura who is able to stop time by sheer will power.  I think this has a chance to become my new favorite show.

Some people are born to be extraordinary.

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Completely “Lost”

I know I am really late on the train but Shelly and I just rented season one of Lost and we are completely hooked. The kids spent the night at a friends house and we stayed up till 3am watching season one. Looks like my summer is now officially booked trying to catch up on past episodes.

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24 Closing thoughts

Here are my thoughts from last nights finale of 24. All in all I give it a 6 out of 10.  

  • Maybe next time Doyle will listen to Jack…he never saw it coming. (Ha,Ha)
  • I still think Jack is the father of Josh.
  • Jack saying goodbye to Audrey lays the groundwork for him hooking up with his brother’s wife and starting a family.
  • Bill Buchanan has crazy skills when it comes to handling a helicopter.
  • The old Jack would have shot his father.
  • I think when we see jack next season he will be far away from CTU trying to live a normal life. Of course that won’t last long.

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Jack is Back

Let me officially apologize for ever doubting Jack. He  must have read my blog on “Jumping the Shark” because last night he brought his “A” game. I still have no idea how many guys he killed before securing the nukes. I can’t wait to see the face-off next week between Jack and the childhood star Ricky “Silver Spoons” Schroeder.

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Did Jack Bauer Jump the Shark?

Last night I became very concerned that 24 just made a passing loop around the ski ramp to jump the shark. Jumping the shark is a metaphor that was originally used to denote the tipping point at which a TV series is deemed to have passed its peak, or has introduced plot twists that are illogical in terms of everything that has preceded them. Once a show has “jumped the shark”, fans sense a noticeable decline in quality or feel the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original charm. So the shark moment for me last night was when Milo and Nadia had this long make-out session right on the main floor of CTU. Please don’t get me wrong I am still a die hard Jack fan and I still wish I had my Fonzie lunch box but I am concerned. In fact after I posted this I actually saw another blog writer (Gary Lamb) that used the same phrase to describe 24 last night. By the way check out his blog he is very creative and challenging.

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