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The Fragrance

iStock_000001362297SmallJust came across a stat that has me dreaming about what needs to change in the local church to help people become the aroma of Christ. The stat is that 84% of outsiders know a Christian, only 15% of them see a marked change in their lifestyle from the rest of the secular world.

I cannot stop thinking about Mary anointing Jesus with expensive fragrances in John 12:3. While we know that this was an act to prepare Jesus for his death and burial, we can easily miss that the act also meant something to the disciple sand the people of that day. Anointing a guest with oil was a common and even expected act of hospitality. But Mary’s use of the expensive perfumed oil made her action point to the anointing of a King.

The Hebrew word for Messiah literally means “The Anointed One.” Instead of being crowned, Hebrew Kings were anointed with sacred perfume. The beautiful scent that it left behind served as an invisible crown. A King was recognized for his royal aroma. Even the people that the King surrounded himself with would be recognized because they carried with them the aroma of the King. During royal processions etc., the fragrance of expensive perfumes would inform the crowds that a King was passing by. Look at just one example in Psalm 45:7-8.

Now picture the scene in John 12 where Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The crowd was not greeting just another rabbi. They were identifying with the aroma of a King and shouting Blessed is the King of Israel. Everywhere that Jesus went the final week of his life people were met with the fragrance of royalty. Now draw the parallel to 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 that we are the aroma of God to a lost and dying world. As Christ followers we are to spread the fragrance of Christ everywhere we go.

I know I don’t have all the answers but its time for us to start thinking new thoughts.

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  1. Greg, this was such a convicting article. What a powerful analogy – those those who were around the King would literally smell like him, something that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else but to know that that person had been with royalty. You’re right, the church today does not have the aroma of Christ. It should be so tangible and so evident that we’ve been with the King. And I’m preaching to the choir here, because I’m definitely guilty of this. I want my life to spread the aroma of Christ everwhere I go, so that it’s unmistakable that I’ve been in the presence of the King.

    Comment by Faith | December 16, 2009 | Reply

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