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Virginia is for Lovers

I decided today that I am going to boycott the entire state of Virginia. I won’t rehash the entire $200.00 fine for fishing without a liscence that I received in Virginina but look at what they are up to now. To fund its roads the State of Virginia will issue traffic tickets as high as $3,550.00. The penalty for going 20 mph over the speed limit will be $1,050.00 plus $61.00 in court costs. In most states this is only a $200.00 fine. So evidentally in the eyes of the State of Virginia fishing in a river without a liscence is equivalent to speeding.  Day 1 of the boycott is officially underway.


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Nehemiah is the Last Hero

Today I finished up my 4 week stint on Heroes with Nehemiah. Here are the main points from Nehemiah.

  1. A Hero recognizes the need for worship when God gives them a holy discontent.
  2. A Hero recognizes hat God uses our circumstances to place us exactly when He wants us to be.
  3. A Hero must learn to unlearn their fears.
  4. A Hero never focuses on the “How” but instead they focus on the “What.”

The Big Idea: A step of faith is what keeps most people from living the life that God wants for them.

At the close of each message I challenged folks to come to the altar to do business with God. The challenge was for them to take that first step that God wanted them to take. At each of the four services the people responded and God was lifted up. I know we had about 100 people at the 9:30am service at the altar and the traditional service surprised me when about 50 plus people came forward. God showed Himself strong today at Carmel. I am blessed that He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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It’s A GIRL!!!

The doctor confirmed the news that we will be having a little girl. Rachelle, Lily and myself all thought it would be a girl but Cooper was holding out hope for a little brother. We celebrated, he cried. Now that a few hours have passed Cooper is beginning to like the idea of being Daddy and Mommy’s only boy. Rachelle is due on Nov.28th. Praise God for His goodness to our family.

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Firealarm in the Service

Did some one pull the firealarm at the 11am service today? As soon as I finished the message about 75 people towards the back of the worship center took their weekly cue and decided it was better to beat traffic than to see what God did with the message. I know that their were some legitimate reasons for some people  having to leave early but after preaching for the past three weeks you begin to sense a pattern that has been in place for sometime. I hope I challenged the thinking of some of these folks as I encouraged them to stick around until we were done. I just don’t understand how you get yourself into this type of behavior pattern. That as the sermon is preached you are just counting the clock till it is time to go. The first chance you get after the message to leave you hop on it to beat the traffic and get ahead of schedule. I wonder why people even come if this is the mentality? And people wonder why God doesn’t speak to them anymore? Or maybe they don’t think about it at all. Sad!

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Shamgar was the Man

Spoke on Shamgar today. The title of the message was an army of one. I thought it would be good to bring a message that our men could connect with. Shamgar became a Judge in Israel and killed 600 men with a farm tool. The Bible only records about 42 words on Shamgar’s life found in Judges 3:31 and Judges 5:6. The sticky point was: Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. I can’t wait to see what Hero God leads me to speak on next week to conclude this series.

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Completely “Lost”

I know I am really late on the train but Shelly and I just rented season one of Lost and we are completely hooked. The kids spent the night at a friends house and we stayed up till 3am watching season one. Looks like my summer is now officially booked trying to catch up on past episodes.

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Sunday Night & Jones Soda

Sitting outside on my patio drinking a Jones Soda(Green Apple) and reflecting on the services today. Is there anything better than a Jones soda? I have been so challenged by the life of Noah this past week as I have studied to bring the message. The Big Idea was: “Drive the first nail and trust God with the rest.” So may people came up to me after the services to let me know the first step that they need to take to be obedient to God. The other part of the message that I thought God used was the phrase that God never promises us that we won’t go through storms but He promises to be with us during those storms. Several people asked for prayer as they are in the middle of a raging storm. I am already excited about about next weeks hero.

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That Feeling In My Stomach

I have that feeling in my stomach again. I’m putting the finishing touches on my sermon and am feeling scared and anxious all at the same time. I hope that people will walk away with some practical truth based off of the life of Noah. I think he Big Idea of the message will really put some pressure on some folks to take new ground with God.

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Oceans 13 Review

So far I have been a fan of the Oceans Series but I was not overly impressed with Oceans 13. In fact on a scale of 1-5 I give it a 2.5. Had some good moments but overall it just dragged from one scene to the next. The good news was we received a free pass to the movies because the air was not working properly. In fact the manager was at the door with free passes apologizing as people exited the theatre. I know where my movie business will go the next time I want to catch a new show.

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11 years and counting

Yesterday Rachelle and I celebrate our 11 year anniversary. Actually we are going out tonight to celebrate. I am so thankful to have a wife that loves the Lord and loves me and our family. I know she could have married so many other men who could have provided her with more money, more luxuries, and an easier life, but she chose me. Rachelle has worked the past 11 years as a labor delivery nurse to help provide for our family. She did this so she could keep our children out of daycare and to provide the flexibility that our family needs to serve in the ministry. So while people see the success of our ministry they never see all that my wife does behind the scenes to make it happen. Happy anniversary Rachelle…I love you and am loving you. You’re the ONE…I’m glad I’m the other one.

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