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Camping, Friends and the Law

Spent the weekend with the family on our first great camping adventure at the New River Campground. We borrowed a pop up trailer and spent the weekend with some of our closest friends and about 175 other friends from our church. Cooper caught his first fish which ended up costing me about $200.00. I was pulled over by the Game Warden in Virginia and was ticketed for not havng a fishing liscence.  Nothing like being pulled over and ticketed in front of the 175 people that you are about to preach to. By the way does anyone else think that it’s a bit excessice to be charged $200.00 for not having a $15.00 liscence?


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24 Closing thoughts

Here are my thoughts from last nights finale of 24. All in all I give it a 6 out of 10.  

  • Maybe next time Doyle will listen to Jack…he never saw it coming. (Ha,Ha)
  • I still think Jack is the father of Josh.
  • Jack saying goodbye to Audrey lays the groundwork for him hooking up with his brother’s wife and starting a family.
  • Bill Buchanan has crazy skills when it comes to handling a helicopter.
  • The old Jack would have shot his father.
  • I think when we see jack next season he will be far away from CTU trying to live a normal life. Of course that won’t last long.

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I can’t believee I am writing this but I am actually looking forward to our staff meeting tomorrow. We will be looking over all of the ministries offered at Carmel and looking to see how we can move from programs and events to steps. These steps will help people grow in their relationship with the Lord. One of the things that I love about working at Carmel is the staff. We have created an atmosphere over the years in which we can be brutally honest about each others ministry and still walk away as friends. If you can’t be brutally honest with other staff members about the ministry of your church then my guess is that your church isn’t growing.

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Ebb and Flow

Momentum plays a huge role in ministry. Knowing when to get on and get off of a program/event is a huge decision that a leader must make in order to be a successful leader. The rub is when the leader senses it’s time to move away from something even when things seem to be going well from the outside. If the leader waits for the crowd to recognize that the ministry is losing momentum then it is already too late. Learning how to navigate the ebbs and flow of momentum will play a huge roll in the success and failure of every leader.

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Ignite-A Lot on Fire

Tonight was our third week of Ignite and God is blowing us away. The numbers have been growing each week at a rapid pace and the students are worshiping like I have never seen them before.

  • Week 1   160
  • Week 2   240
  • Week 3   280

As the speaker I felt like I was off of my game but God did some amazing things despite the speaker. The altar literally was covered with students going back at least 2-3 deep. I can’t wait to see the cards to find out how many made life changing decisions. I am so blessed to have such a great team to help me pull off these incredible nights.

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Know Your Sweet Spot

One of the most important lessons that I have learned throughout my years in ministry is to always play towards your strengths. If you think about it the world tells you to do the exact opposite. So many voices try and tell you to work on your weaknesses to become a well rounded person. One of my weakest areas in my ministry would be when it comes to counseling. No matter how much I try I don’t think I will ever rise above a 5 in that area. So why not put my energy in one of my strengths to bring it from an 8 to a 9. Below are my strengths according to the book Strengths Finder 2.0.

Activator: Impatient for action. Once a decision is made you must act.

Communication: You desire to inspire people to act from speaking, writing, telling stories.

Significance: You desire to be very significant in the eyes of other people. You want to be recognized, you want to be heard. You want to stand out. You want to be know for the unique strengths that you bring.

Maximizer: Excellence not average is your measure. You excel at finding strengths and making them stronger.

Relator: You are drawn toward people you already know. You find strength from being around close friends. The more you share with someone the more you risk together. These are your steps toward real friendship.

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My Big Fat Summer Goal

I need some accountability and I could think of no better place than right here in the blog world. I am committing to lose 25 lbs over the summer and I just needed for someone to hear me say it. I will keep you posted on how Operation Fat Butt goes over the next several weeks. I have decided to use the Abs Diet Plan to help me reach my goals. I’m also going to ask around and see if someone can point me in the direction of the YMCA that I have a membership at. My ultimate goal is to bring sexy back. So if you see me with a french fry in my mouth call me a fat name and hold me accountable. Okay I need to go and enjoy my last night of real food.

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Stork News

Rachelle and I just began letting our friends know that God has blessed us with another child. Rachelle is pregnant and we are expecting our new baby Nov.28th. Begin sending in yout top ten baby names.

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Seeing Orange

Just got in from the Orange Conference in ATL and wanted to mind dump some of the great things that I learned about ReThinking the Church. Some of the speakers were Reggie Joiner, Sue Miller, Francis Chan, and Donald Miller. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Have you been saying something the same way for so long that it has become white noise?
  • Things have to change in order to be heard.
  • Are we making it easier or harder for people to turn to God?
  • Are we encouraging a generation to trun to Him?
  • The stakes are too high to not try something new.
  • Let God be as original with you as He was with others. He is the Creator not the Duplicator.
  • We have set the bar so low for our church members.
  • Over 60% of the world lives on less than $2.00 a day. That person starving is Jesus according to Matthew 25. I have to figure out how to feed Him.
  • Don’t get frozen by not trying new things for God.
  • The worst thing you can do is to not live by faith and bury your talent in the sand.
  • Don’t let the church paralyze you from doing new things.
  • Have I actually gone after Jesus so hard that I have told others to follow me as I follow Him?
  • Why are students leaving our churches so quickly? Because they knew about God but they really didn’t believe.
  • Verse to rally behind for students Deut. 30:20

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Where Are the Real Men?

So far in my new blogging adventure I have tried to keep things positive but that ship has just left the dock, time for me to vent. I am so sick and tired of watching families crumble because the Dad can’t keep his business in his pants. I don’t think I can sit down with another student and listen to them cry about their Dad’s desire to leave the family so he can be happy. How we can justify affairs because it makes us happy or becasue the sex is good? Seriously, I could punch someone in the throat right now as I begin to count how many conversations I have had to have with students about why their Dad couldn’t be faithful. Where is the accountability? Let me lay down the challenge, if you are a man and one of your friends comes to you to say that they want to leave their family because the sex is great with someone else be a man and hold them accountable. God may today be the last day that I have to talk with a student about this awful hurt. I hope I don’t get arrested for punching people in the throat because as you learned in my previous blog I can’t serve time.

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