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Look Daddy

dsc_0022If you are a parent then you know what I mean when I say, “The Look.” Every child has their own unique appearance. But the look I’m talking about is something completely different. The Look I’m talking about is that expression that’s says “Daddy are you watching what I am doing?” As a Dad this is the look that captures my heart.

Piper just recently gave me this look on Christmas morning. Our other two children and family members were caught up in the whirlwind of opening gifts. During the commotion Piper crawled on top of her new pony for a ride. At that moment she didn’t care about what all the others were doing, she didn’t care what the others thought of her being on that horse; she just wanted to see me.  My little girl didn’t care about anything else going on in the room at that moment except that I was watching her. I was her audience and she wanted to ride that pony to please me. She was doing the best she could just for me. For that moment I was her audience of one.

I was thinking about that Look again when I saw this picture. I was thinking back to how that Look made my heart feel inside. The love I felt for my little girl at that moment is almost indescribable. So how much more is it for God’s heart when we live our life before Him that way?  I so want my life be lived in such a way that God smiles when He looks at me. That He knows just by my look that I’m living to please Him.  So “Abba” Father watch me this year as I live my life before you… my audience of One.


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Turkey Explosions

istock_000002347932small2So how do you like your bird cooked? For me the only choice is deep fried. There’s just something about deep frying a turkey. Maybe because it’s man cooking. Maybe because it literally scares the crap out of you. Sure anyone can cook a bird in the safety of an oven at 350 degrees for several hours but that’s just a little too boring. Every person should experience the thrill of lowering a turkey into a rocket shaped canister full of 400 degree hot boiling oil and wonder if this is the year that it reaches its flash level and launches off of your deck.

Now that is some man cooking! Check out the Warning

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A Star is Born

Here are a few more pictures from the hospital. For some reason no matter what I do the picture size is coming up large so I have just included a link for you to click on.

Cooper and Piper                    dsc_0147.jpg

Lily and Piper                          dsc_0144.jpg

Piper our new Star                  dsc_0153.jpgdsc_0153.jpg

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Welcome to Family

Piper Ann King was delivered today at 7:36am. She weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and is 20 inches long. Her and Mom are doing great. Thank-you God for Blessing our family again. Click on the link below for your first glimpse of Piper.


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Five Days and Counting

Just five more days until Rachelle goes in for her scheduled C-section. I can’t beleive that I’m actually going to be a Dad again. I’ll make sure to post some pictures come Tuesday night. For those that keep asking about what her name will be you’ll be glad to know that we have narrowed the name list down to the following but still have no clear winner as of today.

  • Eliza Jane King
  • Claire ??? King
  • Piper ??? King
  • Sadie ??? King

Fan Favorite: Ima King

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Twenty Days

That’s right only 20 more days until the birth of our little girl. Okay I know she can come earlier but the plan is to have her in 20 days. Rachelle and I still haven’t completely decided on a name so please feel free to send in your recommendations. So far my favorite humorous pick has been Ima King.

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