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Birthday Boy

Today is my son’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that he is now five years old. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this little guy. May I always be a Dad that you can be proud of. We are off to grab a Birthday shake at Steak and Shake.


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Prom Reflections Part 2

So I still can’t get the Joy Prom out of my mind…from what I hear I’m not the only one. Here are more of my thoughts on what I learned from this experience.

  • You can’t out dream God.
  • God is just looking for ways to bless us.
  • You can do things half-way or with excellence…Which one do you think the Father prefers?
  • Never underestimate a student’s heart when it comes to serving others.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to remind people who don’t get their way or expectations met that not everything is about them.
  • People don’t want to follow after small dreams or visions. They have enough of that in their lives already.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for money. We would never think twice about asking a person with the gift of singing to perform a solo so don’t deny the people that have the gift of giving a chance to glorify God with their gifts.
  • When doing something BIG for God expect BIG Temptations and trials to come your way. See my post on the wall.
  • Surround yourself with great people to travel on the journey with you.
  •  Once you get a taste of the thrill of dreaming big for God you can never dream small again.

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Joy Prom Reflections

Our first  (Joy) prom for those in the Charlotte area with special needs was a huge success. Here are some of my thoughts from the night.

I never expected to have over 200 people show up for this party. We had over 120 people with special needs plus their caregivers. The age range was from 14-84 years old.

I have never seen Carmel look so incredible. The decorations and theme were crazy. Everything from the desserts to the free shoe shines was done with excellence. By far my favorite part was watching our guest arrive and walk through the star and down the red carpet. The paparazzi was a great touch.

I have never been more proud of our students and our church than on Friday night.

Fact: God blesses us when we take big risks for His name. It was a blessing to be able to chase down this lion and hang it on the mantle. I can’t wait to lock eyes with our next lion.

Are you kidding me two couples actually got engaged at the party.

I look so much better in my tux than Ian.

I am honored to serve at a church that would allow us to tackle such an incredible event.

Fact: When God gives the vision He brings in the money. Thank-you to the many people who obeyed and gave to make this event happen.Volunteers are you kidding me!

We had over 200 volunteers show up to serve and party.

Leslie is a planning machine. I love to watch her use her gifts.

Thank-you to the big biker man that held me in a bear hug for several uncomfortable moments as he expressed his joy for throwing this party for his daughter.

We already met today to go over details and the theme for next year. Thank-you God for laying the vision on my heart to ask “If our church closed our doors would the community know?” Thank-you for leading us to the Joy Prom and blessing us beyond our imaginations. Your love was and is extravagant.

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Leave a Message I’m on the Wall

Only a few hours before Joy Prom begins. This will be our first attempt at hosting a huge party for those in our community with special needs. We have over 200 people RSVP for the night.

Here are some thoughts from my week. I never expected to be under such attack because of what we are doing.

 I’ve come to realize that people with little vision always attack people with big vision. God keeps bringing to mind the time in which Nehemiah was attempting to accomplish an impossible task by rebuilding the wall. As he was working on the wall his detractors came to discuss and argue what he was doing and how they would do it etc., etc. I love that Nehemiah responded that he didn’t have to time to come down from the wall because the work was too great.

For my distractors and distractions please leave a message because I am too busy on the wall. I may be able to come down for ten minutes next week but I would encourage you to pick up a hammer and join in on the work instead. God thank-you for the work that you have given me and my team.

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Passing of a Hero

Today, a hero passed away and most of the world doesn’t even know it. In fact I’m sure there will be no TV coverage or reporters at his funeral but don’t let that fool you because a great man died this afternoon. Duke Salberg took his last breath here on earth today and almost simultaneously took his first breath in heaven.

Duke Salberg has had more impact on my family than anyone else that I know. In fact,I will be able to point to his impact for generations to come. Duke was a great man because he obeyed the Lord. He became my hero the day that he walked across the street to share with my parents how Jesus Christ can change a life. He then invited my parents to come to church with his family and that night they both heard the message of God’s love. My parents would decide to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ over the next two Sundays. No doubt about it a hero died today.

So while his name and actions will pass by unnoticed by most of the world, I will never forget the legacy that was established in my life because of his obedience. I will always be able to tell my children how God used Duke to change my family forever.

No doubt about it a great man died today. The one thing that I know is that when Duke finished taking his first breath in heaven he heard these words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Thank-you Duke for being my hero!

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The Old Ball Coach

As you know by now I am a die hard Gator fan and becasue of that the Old Ball Coach is near and dear to my heart. With that said how can you not tip your hat to Steve Spurrier for taking such a strong stand about the confederate flag that hangs at the capital in South Carolina. You know that he will now be under heavy attack from those that can’t understand the hurt and hatred that flag represents to so many. Time for that particular flag to come down. Once again a Gator is leading the way even in South Carolina.

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Horror in Virginia

Words cannot even express the hurt you feel when you learn about 32 college students killed in the prime of their life. I remember in High School when we had a situation in which a man opened fire at our local grocery store. He ended up killing 6 innocent people before he was captured. One of my classmates was shot in the back as he tried to help people escape out the back door. Palm Bay Shootings. I hate the fact that I now have to try and explain this to my children. May God be with these families.

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From the Mouth of Children

Getting ready for the big date night with the wife and some of our closest friends. As I’m making the kids dinner my daughter emerges from the bathroom brushing her hair and asks me if her hair looks nappy? I have to admit I didn’t know how to respond other than to just laugh. I’m sure Imus will never use that word again.  

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Call Me Smash

Today was my son’s first baseball game. We decided to skip t-ball and go straight to coach pitch. The only catch is Cooper doesn’t turn 5 until next weekend. This means that he is the youngest on the team by far and has some 2nd grade boys as teammates. To say I was a little nervous for him was an understatement. The age difference didn’t seem to bother Cooper. In fact he went 3 for 3 and caught every ball that was hit to him. My favorite part of the day was when he asked that he be introudced to the crowd on opening day over the mega phone as Cooper “The Smash” King. I think I’m going to have my hands full over the next few years.

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Prom at 36

I just finished getting sized for a tux for a prom that I’m attending next week.You should have seen the workers face when I told him I needed to rent a tux for Prom. Evidently you turn some heads if you’re 36 and planning on going to Prom. However, this isn’t your ordinary Prom. Our Student Ministry is hosting a Joy Prom for those in our community that have special needs. Next Friday night we will have over 120 special need adults and students plus their care-givers partying at Carmel. I’m proud to say that we will be doing it up right. When Jesus said to throw a party for these folks in the New Testament I’m sure he wasn’t talking about chicken and paper plates. We will have a red carpet, ice sculptures, a DJ and a whole crew of paparazzi. I’m sure this will be a night that I will never forget. Keep checking back as I post thoughts leading up and after this incredible event.

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