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Kenya Summer Mission Trip

dsc_00991Seems like I have been answering this question so much lately I decided to post the information here. This past year I went on a vision trip for our church with the 410 Bridge. The goal of that trip was to come back with a village that we could partner with for the next three years. God led us to the village of Kandaria, and this summer I will be leading the first trip for our church to Kenya.

Why Kandaria?
The people in the village of Kandaria are focused and desire to reach their goal to become a self-sustaining community. They even have a plan to help villages once they get back up on their feet. The other reason is that most of the kids are orphans in this village and our church can really do a lot to make a difference. I just recently founnd out that out of a population of 6,500 people over 1,200 are orphaned.

What Will I Do?
Our team will assist the people in Kandaria through a water project, community construction, working on and in their schools and making spiritual relationships.

How Much Does it Cost?: The trip costs $3,500.00. To be honest when most people read the price they immediately compare that number to what is in their checking accounts. For most people those two numbers don’t add up. Let me be honest for over 90% of the people those numbers will never add up. The good news is that there are people in your life that would love to be a part of this trip by sponsoring you. When I look at some of the earliest missionary trips in the Bible almost every one was done by the support of others. So while I know that the economy is bad the fact is the need to do mission work does not stop during a bad economy.

A State of Emergency: to say that Kenya is in a state of emeregency would be the understatement of the year. I pray that you would consider joining me on this incredible trip. Let me warn you that once you go your life will never be the same. Let me also share with you another truth that I learned during my brief 10 days journey through Kenya.

“I need Kenya more than Kenya needs me.”

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