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Day #11 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 11 (the Message)

My Verse:  Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God? (v. 40)

My Reflection:  I wonder how many times I’ve missed seeing the glory of God in my life or in a situation because I did not believe? It makes me sad to think of the all the opportunities that I have missed to see God’s glory.

  • In my finances have I believed?
  • In my relationship conflicts have I believed?
  • In my future hopes and dreams have I believed?
  • In my dealings with my children have I believed?
  • With my fears have I believed?

My Prayer:  God forgive me for the times in which I believed in other things besides you. When I’ve trusted in my knowledge, my resources, my ways instead of placing my belief in you working and moving. It’s obvious that if I beleived more I would see You move more in my life.


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Day #10 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 10 (the Message)

My Verse:  The gatekeeper opens the gate to him and the sheep recognize his voice. He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. (v. 4)

I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and my own sheep know me. (v.14)

My Reflection: This is such a beautiful passage but one that has been been a hot topic among theologians for quite some time concerning who can come to the Father and who hears His voice. Obviously I’m not going to be able to bring the two positions of Armenian and Calvinism to a point of agreement in this blog. While my personal position falls more on the Reformed side I have always recognized the fact that Jesus makes the bold statement that His sheep recognize His voice as he calls them by name. I am thankful for the time when Jesus removed my heart of stone granted me a heart of flesh and called my name. When I heard my named called I responded with faith and repentance.

My Prayer:  Father thank-you for calling my name. You called for me when I had no desire for you. You called me when I was covered in the mess of my sin. You called me at a point when i was completely unlovable. You called and my life has never been the same. Thank-you for being my Good Shepherd. The shepherd who leads and protects.

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Goodbye Hiapo

With the temperature dropping down below 35 degrees in Charlotte this morning I think its time to retire my favorite shoe or should I say flip flop. I’ll be packing away my two pairs of Oluakai Hiapo Sandles until the Spring. Without a doubt these are the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn. I’m hoping the big wigs in Hawaii see my post and send me some free merch. If you’ve never tried a pair on then treat yourself to something special. These things blew my Rainbows out the door. So I say goodbye good friend, until Spring.

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The King Household is putting up Christmas decorations tonight. Between feedings and running around doing baby stuff I was able to get the tree up and am now in charge of making Christmas happen at our house. I actually love this night as we get to go through the ornaments and share stories with the kids. My favorite ornamnt is one that I had made for Rachelle  when we were dating. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll muster the courage to put lights up on our house. Since our new neighbors moved in (aka Griswalds) the competition for lights has stepped up in the neighborhood.

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Day #9 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 9 (the Message)

My Verse: Does that mean you are calling us blind? Jesus said, “If you were really blind, you woud be blameless, but since you claim to see everything so well, you’re accountable for every fault and failure.” (v.41)

My Reflection:  Acting like I have everything all together can be pretty easy for me and I’m sure most of us. Pretending that I see things so clearly and yet I have that  (speck) piece of lumber in my own eye representing my sin. I know that I am far from perfect and I know that all my friends know this as well but yet I still do all that I can to make sure it looks like I have it all going on so well. What would happen if I truly began to live my life as a person who is far from perfect but yet serves a perfect God. Maybe just maybe my life would turn the spotlight on Him.

My Prayer:God forgive me for the times when I have acted like I have everything all together. The times in which my family has acted like the King household had it all going on. Forgive me for the times where i have gone through the act of worship with a smile on my face but hurt and even apathy in my heart. Father I do not see everything crystal clear and that is another reason why I must turn to you.

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Day #8 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 8 (the Message)

My Verse:  I don’t make judgements like that. But even if I did, my judgment would be true because I wouldn’t make it out of the narrowness of my experience but in the largeness of the One who sent me, the Father. v. 16-17

My Reflection:  What a huge statement on making decisions etc. Jesus made His judgements and decisions out of the largeness of God and I make mine so many times out of the narrowness of my own experience.  Even worse I make decisions by researching things and doing my best to come out with the best calculated choice. Don’t get me wrong I know that their is wise council among the Godly but I need to train myself to go the Father for the decisions that I make in my life. The largeness of God….the One who breathes stars out of His mouth, the One who breaks through time, the One who knew me before I was born, the One who holds the sea in the hollow of His hand. The question I need to be asking Him is what is the wise thing for me to be doing in such and such situation.

My Prayer:  Father the statement that Jesus made concerning how He made decisions out of the largeness of You has just blown me away tonight. The thought that you desire me to make my decisions the same way brings such comfort and peace. That I no longer have to bump around in the dark because of my lack of experience but instead can just ask my Dad for wisdom.

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Sinners & Saints

While I was out of church Sunday taking care of Shelly and Piper I drove past a local church with this posted on their sign: “Sinners and Saints Welcome”. That sign struck me as a little odd since the parking lot was almost completely empty during their main worship service. This is a church that is sitting right across the street from a huge subdivision filled with young families and yet the church was practically empty. Sometimes the easiest thing we can do is post a sign to say that people are welcome and neglect the hard work it takes to reach them.

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Day #7 of 21 Day Challenge

Got a little side tracked the past few days praying for sleep since we brought Piper home. Time to get back on track.

Read: John 7 (the Message)

My Verse: The Pharisees said, “Are you carried away like the rest of the rabble?” (v. 47)

My Reflection: How interesting that the religious leaders of the day could see such a distinction between the ones who believed in Christ and the ones who had not. In our world today we hear the word Christian so many times referring to those who believe in Christianity. The only problem is that most of those who say they are Christians actually have no relationship with Christ at all. No one is pointing to the fruits of their lives saying that  guy over there has been carried away with the love of Christ. Just take a look at how He lives. The time has come when we need less Christians in the world and more Christ Followers who have been carried away because of what their Savior has done.

My Prayer: May it be evident to all that I come in contact with that my old life has been carried away because of the blood of Christ and that I am following Him no matter the cost. Christian No More is my new mantra!

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Day #6 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 6 (the Message)

My Verse: The one who brings a hearty appetite to this eating and drinking has eternal life and will be fit and ready for the Final Day. My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. By eating my flesh and drinking my blood you enter into me and I into you. (v. 53)

My Reflection: What in this life do I hunger for? Do I hunger more for the things of God or do I hunger more for what the world has to offer? How many times have I come to worship or done ministry without having a hunger for the things of God? Now the reverse is how incredible t has been when i have come to God and have had my hunger filled by Him. This example of hunger is so evident in my new little girl’s life. She craves milk and nothing else in this world will satisfy that hunger.

My Prayer: God may you begin to readjust my appetite so that I only have a hunger for you. May you begin to remove my cravings for the things that do not keep me fed.

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A Star is Born

Here are a few more pictures from the hospital. For some reason no matter what I do the picture size is coming up large so I have just included a link for you to click on.

Cooper and Piper                    dsc_0147.jpg

Lily and Piper                          dsc_0144.jpg

Piper our new Star                  dsc_0153.jpgdsc_0153.jpg

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