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Perfect Storm-Impact

istock_000002236889largeSo many times in my life I can hear and be moved by a message but then a few days later I can lose focus of what I’ve learned. I hope these questions help you ad your family as you process all that God is doing in your life. Make sure you also implement the action items that are listed or come up with some of your own. I would love to hear your feedback on what you thought about this process at the end of the week.

Have you ever been in a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or really big storm? What happened?

What does it look like to “have a storm in your life”? Why is a “storm” a good description for those events?

The speaker said we are all in one of three places. Which one of these best describes you and your family right now?
a. You are currently in the middle of a storm.
b. A storm is coming and you don’t know about it.
c. Or you are just walking away from a storm that     has blown through.

Do you feel like God is in control even in the middle of your storm?

Read John 16:33. How can this help us remember God is in control—even in the storms of life?

What might God be showing you about Himself through the storm?

When everyone was afraid because of the storm and their bad situation, Paul was steady. Why do you think Paul had confidence in the storm? (Read Philippians 4:12-13.)

How might your relationship with God be changed by the storm?

Action Steps

If you are going through a storm right now, who are the people that may be watching you and your family as you go through this storm? Put these names on your fridge and take the time and pray for them.

Make an appointment this month with someone that you wrote down on your card to “TELL” them your story of how God is in control of your storm.

Print out the attached image below and display it in a prominent spot to remind yourself of this truth.

Get your Spade Work in: Read Acts 9-12


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Perfect Storm Mind-Dump

storm-blog001 Sunday Night Mind-Dump

  • Preaching three service is always tiring but I’ve never felt so emotionally exhausted after a service. While I am exhausted I cannot get my brain to shut down.

I was honored to hear so many storm stories in between the services today.
Carmel has more people in the middle of a storm than I had anticipated.

I saw more tears today in the services than I have in all my years at Carmel.

I heard that I was 20 minutes late in the first service but yet was on time in the other two. How does that happen?

I so appreciate all of our volunteers that have to leave a little early to make it to their posts. Hope they know that I asked for the doors to stay closed  so that they could have a chance to respond in worship,.

One of the most vocal services today had to be the 11am traditional hour. I think I got a little to Old School Southern Baptist in there. I love preaching in that service.

God had his hand all over Derek McFarland today. Lem did a great job coordinating all three service. I missed worshiping with my family in the Edge today.

For the record my tie was orange and not pink.What happened to Ralph’s hair did anyone ever find out?

Heard that I made some people upset in the 11am service when I said don’t get your “panties in a wad.” Funny I have no idea when I said that or why I said that. Shouldn’t that statement be negated if you did get your panties in a wad after I said don’t?

Spoke to a lady today who has just lost her home, car, and all of her savings and yet with tears in her eyes she was praising God.

The end of the 9:30am worship blew me away. To say that our people engaged God in worship on the closing song would be an under statement. I hope we start worshiping with that type of intensity every Sunday.

Thanking God that people felt the freedom to do business with Him at the altar. Felt like God had His hand on me in all three services today. I love that feeling.

Had a hard time processing the images of the hurting people that God was flashing in my mind as I preached about the storms.

Praying for those who are in the middle of the storm. Praying for those who are watching us in the storm.

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Show Stopping Move

Isolated mosquito 02It was a show-stopping move by any standards. Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft and a renowned philanthropist, let loose a swarm of mosquitoes at a technology conference in California to highlight the dangers of malaria.

‘Malaria is spread by mosquitoes,’ the Microsoft founder yelled at a well-heeled crowd at a technology conference in California.

’I brought some,’ he added. ‘Here, I’ll let them roam around – there is no reason only poor people should be infected.’

Check out the article here:

Obviously Bill Gates has come under fire for pulling such a show stooping move, but it makes you wonder what is it going to take for most Americans to wake up from our comfortable life. The fact is the world that I live in is not te real world. Did you know that Up to 2.7 million people a year still die of malaria each year and that 75 percent of them are African children. The community that we are partnering with in Kandaria, Kenya is a place in which you have to take several precautions because of the malaria carrying mosquitos. I can’t imagine having to worry about that as a parent. It is time that we set this as a priority to help our brothers and sisters in Africa.

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