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Gators Crush the Buckeyes

Yet again the Florida Gators put the smack down on the Ohio State Buckeyes. According to the latest poll of the most popular mascots Florida ranks above the Buckeyes once again. Mascot Poll .

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State of Emergency

My friend Steven Wright lays down some sobering stats on the condition of the church in regards to student ministry.

  • Josh McDowell estimates, “Over 69% of youth are leaving traditional church after high school.
  • David Wheaton, states that “as many as 50 percent of Christain students say they have lost their faith after four years of collge.”
  • Ron Luce estimates, “Eighty-eight (88%) of kids raised in Christain homes do not continue to folllow the Lord after they graduate from high school.”

I have been in minitsry long enough to know that no stat can tell the complete story but it is obvious that we are in a state of emerrgency. A change needs to take place becasue young lives are haning in the balance. I have always been taughty that if we keep doing the same things the same way that we will keep getting the same results. Our methods have stayed the same while the statistics are becoming omnious. Parents and Student Pastors have to recognize that it is time to Rethink some of the things we do. Ultimately that will mean that we have to make some difficult changes in order to ignite a passion in the lives of students for Christ. Without quyestiuon some of those things that need to be changed will be things that we loved as a student in the church and maybe some things that our  child loves. We can no longer keep our head in the sand and do things the same way year in and year out. It is time to identify the elephant in the room…we are losing ground and the way we do things need to change to reach this generation of students.

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Back from the Dark

Okay, I have been a complete  slacker concerning my blog but I’m now officailly back.

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