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Turkey Explosions

istock_000002347932small2So how do you like your bird cooked? For me the only choice is deep fried. There’s just something about deep frying a turkey. Maybe because it’s man cooking. Maybe because it literally scares the crap out of you. Sure anyone can cook a bird in the safety of an oven at 350 degrees for several hours but that’s just a little too boring. Every person should experience the thrill of lowering a turkey into a rocket shaped canister full of 400 degree hot boiling oil and wonder if this is the year that it reaches its flash level and launches off of your deck.

Now that is some man cooking! Check out the Warning


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Next Level Leadership

Helping to make greaterEvery Holiday I try to read several books to help improve my leadership. This time I am trying to finish three books The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshal Goldsmith and Leading the Team Based Church by George Cladis. I believe each of these books is going to challenge me to move past my own personal leadership lid. One of the major leadership lessons I’ve learned is that sometimes you stop growing in your leadership ability because of of your own annoying habits. While you may be doing well in your field you have found yourself stuck at a certain level. It may be that the very characteristic that you believe got you where you are is now the one thing that is holding you back.

What is that one thing in your life? I know for me it has to be my mouth. I have always been that guy in a meeting etc. that is never afraid to say the thing that every one else is afraid to say. In fact the elephant in the room and myself have been best friends for many years. So two of the things that I am asking God to help me change this year is how I view things in life and how to control my prophet based gifts. So right now I am doing a little personal inventory list on where I desire my life to be. I think this is a great first step in remembering how certain behaviors can hold you back in life.  Here are the four questions that I am working on.

1. My vision for my life (including my health) is?

2. My vision for my work, career, job and team is?

3. My vision for my relationship with my wife and children?

4. My vision for my relationship with God.

I would love to hear how you would respond to the vision God has given you in these  areas of your life. I would also love to hear what you beleive is keeping you from breaking through to the next leadership level in your life.

Side Note: I’m only a few chapters through in The Energy Bus and I’m not sure that I would recommend it just yet.

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Daraja Choir

422524200_wehg6-lThis past weekend our church hosted a missions weekend that we called Global Imapct.  We had over 5,000 people come through our services this weekend. People were  exposed to different mission opportunties that they could partner with this coming year. The theme of the weekend was God of the World, God of the City, and God of the Church. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to go on stage with the Daraja Choir from Africa. Every since I returned from Africa some 8 weeks ago, I have been counting the days to have the choir from Kenya lead our church in worship. It was such a blessing for my family and my church family to meet some of the children that I was able to visit with at the orphanage in Kenya. The surprise of the night was when I announced that our church will be partnering with the 410 Bridge to sponsor a community (Kandaria) for the next three years. Once that announcement was made we had over 75 people express interest in going to Kandaria. I recently read a quote in which someone said “I need Africa more than Africa needs me”, I couldn’t agree more. Looks like this lion chase is going to involve a lot more people.

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The Five Percent Principle

istock_000002143877largeAwhile ago I read the book The Divine Mentor and it has really challenged me on my personal worship times. In fact our family has now begun to journal together. I was reminded of a great truth from this book. It is the principle of the Last Five Percent. Let me explain: about 80 percent of all you do anyone can do. Going to work, attending meetings etc. Additionally about 15 percent of all you do someone with some measure of training could do in your place. But at least 5 percent of what you do, only you can do. no one else can do it for you.

Only I can be a husband to my wife, Rachelle.Only I can be a dad to my three children. Only I can keep my body healthy. And only I can grow spiritually. No one else can do that last 5 percent for me. I alone am responsible for it. When it comes to my relationship with God I am responsible to keep myself spiritually healthy by feeding myself. I think that is a concept that has been lost in the current church culture.

How many times do you hear people complaining that they are not being fed. Imagine this, you begin to notice that your friend has lost a lot of weight. Normally this might be a good thing but then you realize they are actually starving themselves. When you ask your friend why he or she is not eating they say because no one is feeding me. I know corny story but a pretty true portrait of most beleivers in the church today. I think it is time that our churches stopped doing so many programs and taught our people how to feed themselves.

With that challenged I knew it was time to get off of my cofortable spot and press on with the deeper things with God. So while its not time to make New Years Resolutions our family has begun to read the Bible and journal together using a method called the SOAP Process. If you are interested you can visit the following site Life Journal. Make sure to look at the journals for all different ages. I hope your faith grows beyond your expectations as you sit at the Father’s feet. I can’t wait to hear about your new self feeding program.

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