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Day #19 of 21 Day Challenge

Read:  John 19 (the Message)

My Verse:  These things that happened confirmed the Scriptutre,”Not a bone in his body was broken.” and the other Scripture that reads, “They will stare at the one they pierced.” (v.36-37)

My Thoughts: From that moment till now the World still must come face to face with the one who was crucified on the Cross. For those of us who have accepted Him as Savior we now live our lives focused on the Cross of Christ. Everything in my life must have His Cross at the center of my perspective.

My Prayer:  Father thank-you that when I now look at the Cross I recognize the love that was poured out to me on that day. I am so thankful that I have said Yes to the One who said Yes to Cross because He loves me.


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12 Days of Christmas

I have to admit I have never been a big fan of the “12 Days of Christmas Song.” I think the major reason why is that I’ve never understood why anyone would ever want so many birds. Seriously what is up with all the birds:

  • 1 Partridge
  • 2 Turtle Doves
  • 3 French Hens
  • 4 Calling Birds
  • 6 Geese
  • 7 Swans

Well I accidentally came across this site that listed some of the Religious Symbolism in this Song. So while I still do not like the song at least now I know the reason for all the birds.

True Love refers to God
Turtle Doves refers to the Old and New Testaments
French Hens refers to Faith, Hope and Charity, the Theological Virtues
Calling Birds refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists
Golden Rings refers to the first Five Books of the Old Testament, the “Pentateuch”, which gives the history of man’s fall from grace.
Geese A-laying refers to the six days of creation
Swans A-swimming refers to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments
Maids A-milking refers to the eight beatitudes
Ladies Dancing refers to the nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Lords A-leaping refers to the ten commandments
Pipers Piping refers to the eleven faithful apostles
Drummers Drumming refers to the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle’s Creed

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Day #18 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 18 (the Message)

My Verse:  They led Jesus then from Caiaphas to the Roman governor’s palace. It was early morning. They themselves didn’t enter the palace because they didn’t want to be disqualified from eating the Passover. So Pilate came out to them and spoke. “What charge do you bring against this man?” (v.28-29)

My Reflection:  Every once in awhile you read a verse in scripture that makes you do a double take and say did that really happen. The men who were trying to have Jesus “the Lamb of God” killed were more concerned about not being able to participate in the passover than they were on killing God’s Son. Little did they know that Jesus was the perfect Lamb that was without sin or blemish. We can be just like this in the church. Quick to keep up with our traditions without recognizing the bigger picture.

  • Being more concerned with saving our seats and at the same time saying we want people to visit our church.
  • Not wanting to change how we do things in the church but then quick to point out that numbers are dropping etc.
  • Saying that we value worship but yet fail to spend time with God during the week.

My Prayer:  God help me to see where I am holding on to strong to tradition and not holding on to what you desire. When change enters my world and the things that I love may I be quick to recognize that change is almost always for my growth.

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Day #17 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 17 (the Message)

My Verse:  And my life is on display in them For I’m no longer going to be visible in the world. They’ll continue in the world while I return to you. (v. 6-12)

My Reflection:  I remember once as a teenager getting ready to go out on a Friday night and as I was getting into my car (1969 Cutlass) my Dad passed by me and said: “Don’t forget that you wear my name.” While my Dad doesn’t remember saying those words  I have never forgotten them. Their was just something so powerful in them that resonated deep inside of me. Now that I have children of my own those words have dug themselves even deeper into my DNA. That wherever my children go and how they act represent who I am as their Father. Jesus understood this as He said that His life is on display for the world to see in His children. It is time for the church to drop a lot of it’s junk and remember that our Saviour is on display.

My Prayer:  Father thank-you for the words that you gave my Father that night. Those words help keep me from going down some wrong paths as a teenager. Now Lord help me as a Father communicate to my children how important it is that they wear your name. May they first see it in my life and then be able to match my actions up with the words that I say to them.

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Car Doors and Grace Collide

Tonight on my way to our annual Student Leader Christmas Party I went to unlock my car door and came across a foot long scratch down the side of my car. So heres the deal, if you don’t run in my circle than you probably aren’t aware that I treat my 4 runner like the Holy Grail. I have rules in place about what you can and can’t do in the car or around the car in an effort to keep it clean. Let’s just say that this is the first major scratch that I’ve had on the car in 3.5 years.

So I went and found my 5 year old bike riding son to ask him about the scratch on the car. As we began to go through the whole scenario and how he broke the rule of riding his bike in between the cars, God allowed me the wisdom to show Him love and grace. In fact my heart melted when he said, “Dad you can go and scratch my bike so that it will make it fair.” Actually I wanted to run his bike over with my car but I was able to keep that thought to myself. After a great talk and many hugs I was able to tell him that tonight I wasn’t going to be fair but instead I was going to grant grace.

I am so glad that God was not fair with me in what I deserved for my sin. That instead of fairness He gave grace. That instead of what I deserved He gave grace. How thankful I am that God granted me restraint and wisdom tonight to teach Cooper and myself a valuable lesson. So now every-time I go to open my car door I”ll always be reminded of God’s grace.

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Day #16 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 16 (the Message)

My Verse:  We’re convinced you came from God. Jesus answered them,”Do you finally believe? In fact you’re about to make a run for it – saving your own skins and abandoning me.” (v. 31)

My Reflection:  How many times in our spiritual lives do we get so excited about following Jesus that we fail to recognize that sin is crouching at our door. We begin to become a little too proud and forget how quickly we can turn on our Lord.

My Prayer:  Father may I not become so over confident in my walk with you that I run after  the first temptation that presents itself. Instead may I focus on remaining close to your side. Recognizing that you have given me the gift of faith and repentance and that it is not on my own.

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Day #15 of 21 Day Challenge

Read: John 15 (the Message)

My Verse:  I’ve loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love. If you keep my commands, you’ll remain intimately at home in my love.  That’s what I’ve done-kept my father’s commands and made myself at home in His love. (v.9-10)

My Reflection:  Have you ever noticed that one of the best feelings in the world is when you are gone away for a period time and then you get to come home? Home has a feeling all to itself. That feeling of peace and love all wrapped together. I know that when I have chosen not to follow his commands I feel far away from home. During these times I can even sense the urge to stay away from home. I love how God breaks everything down so simply for us. If I would just simply follow His directions then I would remain intimately connected with Him my new home.

My Prayer:  Father help me make my new home address your love. May I be quick to follow after your commands. for the times that I do get off track may I be even quicker to recognize that I have wandered from home and to start my journey back.

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Golf v.104

Went golfing with some great friends today and almost broke through the first barrier. I shot 104 today. My first goal is to break 100 and I cannot believe I am so close to that mark after only playing a few times. The best club in my bag to hit is my Taylor Made Hybrid (3). If I can just get my drive to stop slicing I’ll be in business. I absolutely love the challenge of golf and am loving my new addiction.

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HuckChuck Facts

So far this candidate for President is catching my attention.

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Don’t Mess with Yeti

A production team in the area of Nepal (Mount Everest) claimed to have found a footprint from the legendary Yeti. I just wonder if we are ever going to learn the truth about this infamous character. So I’m curious do you believe their is a Yeti or is it just something else like a big bear etc. I’ll let you know my answer as soon as I figure out how many shooters were on the grassy knoll.

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