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Out of Africa

How does one describe things that they have seen when words lack the proper impact to adequately paint the proper picture? That is what I am struggling with as I try to put into words all that I saw and experienced in Africa. Over the next several weeks I will do my best to process with you what I experienced and how my life can never be the same. I hope to share with you the ups and downs as well as the moments that shook me to the core of my soul.

I also wanted to say a huge thank-you for everyone who prayed and helped my family as my little girl was in the hospital for part of the time that I was away. A special thank-you for those core friends that went the extra mile to make my family their family. I love you and am so glad that our families are doing life together. So once the jet lag begins to lift and my head clears I will start putting into inadequate words my expereinces in Africa.


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The Ultimate Lion Chase

As I’ve been chasing the lion in my Christian life I never dreamed that God would have me Chase the Lion to Africa. For the past year God has been working on my heart about what my response should be to the crisis taking place in Africa. While our family currently supports a child in Africa (Ghana) through Compassion and actively supports the Mocha Club I felt the Lord wanted me to actually go to Africa. I truly believe that each church will be responsible for what they did or did not do in Africa. Through this past year I feel that God wants to use my gifts to rally our church and others around a community in the Kenya area. I will be leaving Thursday with Ralph (great friend and co-worker) for ten days to visit villages in the Kenya area. We will be traveling with a group from the organization The 410 Bridge. It will be a whirl wind trip. I pray that God would show us a community that He would have our church establish a partnership with. I cannot believe the amount of people who have already expressed a strong interest to go from my church. I am thankful that our mission committee has been behind this scouting trip from Day #1.

During our trip, Ralph and I will be visiting 7 different communities in the Kenya area. As you can tell it is going to be quite a ride. We just learned that several of these communities will be having Compassion International Support. How exciting to think that one of our Carmel members can sponsor a child through Compassion International and then visit them with the possibility of our partnership. Here are the villages that we will be visiting:
➢    Joska ( 1 hour drive  southeast of Nairobi)
➢    Ngaamba (3 hour drive south of Nairobi)
➢    Karogoto ( 2 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Kwambekenya (3 hours drive north of Nairobi)
➢    Segera Mission (4 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Karima ( 2.5 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Havilla Children’s Home ( 1 hour drive Northwest of Nairobi)

I’ll make sure to post some stories and pictures once I get back in Country. Keep us and our families in your prayers.

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What’s Your Story?

Last night I qouted a staggering stat in a parent meeting that 88% of Christian teenagers will leave the church shortly after they graduate High School. These are the kids that have grown up going to VBS, church camp, etc. These are the kids that aren’t supposed to leave. So as a parent the tension I have to acknowledge is what do I need to be pouring into my child so that they aren’t in this number. Obviously I can’t keep doing the same thing that has been done or I may get the same unfortunate result. While there is no magic answers I believe that there is one key factor that can be recognized in students who have a flourishing faith in college and then throughout life. That one thing I see is a Mom and Dad that have decided against living a safe and comfortable Christian life. Our students are reaching graduation and looking at most believers around them and they don’t like what they see. The mantra that I hear in this generation is that “There must be more to the Christian Life than this.” More than going to church each Sunday and waving to my neighbors as we pass them by. More than packing a shoebox full of goodies for poor children each year. More than dropping some clothes off at Goodwell after we clean out our closet. More than a Christianity that is only lived on Sunday mornings. These aren’t bad things but they are safe and comfortable things. This generation is wanting to see parents that live a faith that bleeds. Begin looking at the story of your Christan life and honestly ask yourself if it is status qou. If it is maybe God is wanting you to take  your next step with God. He has wired each one of us with wonder, discovery, and passion. Each of these should be very evident in our Christian adventure. So let me ask when was the last time you did something bold and uncomfortable as a family to make His name famous. I would love to hear your stories as we all begin to engage in His incredible story. It is then that I believe that our children will be so caught up in God’s story that the things of this world won’t seem as exciting. For some of us I think its time we changed up our God story. Just my two cents.

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Heavy Construction

This Past week God has been challenging my core convictions on a Big Idea that I used while teaching this week.

Big Idea: Some people expect God to do great things so they plan accordingly others plan small because they expect God to do very little in their life.

While most people would never say that they expect God to do small things in their life, the way in which they live says another. I firmly believe that God wants to increase my faith. He is clearly beginning to do some new and unexpected things in my world.

In the words of TD Jakes, “you can tell what someone is getting ready to build based upon the type of equipment around the job site.”  He says that if you roll up on a job site and see giant excavators and cranes you can rest assured that they aren’t gonna build a chicken coup.  In the same way you can look at the heavy equipment that God has placed around you and get a glimpse into what He is wanting to build. All I can say is that I’m beginning to see some big equipment roll up on my worksite.

So what steps do I need to make to preapre the worksite for what God wants to do in my life? What areas in my life show evidence of little preparation for what God could do? The way in which I live clearly reveals what I believe about God. I feel like I should have one of those signs hanging on my door that says pardon our dust construction is taking place.

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