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The Adventurous Life

iStock_000003644147MediumMatthew 25 recounts a story Jesus told of an Oriental master and his three servants. The generous master gives the servants varying levels of finances (five talents to the first servant, two talents to the second, and one talent to the third) and then leaves on an extended trip. Because of the context in which this story is told (a discussion about the return of Christ and how we are to live in light of his return), its clear that the master represents Christ. The three servants represents his disciples.

But its in the details that Jesus really makes his points.

First, the master gives the servants a lot of money. A talent, translated across cultures, with inflation, could represent as much as two hundred thousand dollars today.
Second the master gives the trust without restrictions. He basically says, “Here’s the money; I’ll be back.” He doesn’t put limitations on the funds. He doesn’t even make suggestions forĀ  the money’s use.
But the master does have some assumptions. While he doesn’t tell his servants what to do with the money, he assumes they’ll do something.

The bottom line of the story is that God wants us to be adventurous. He charges us to be entrepreneurs. He challenges us to be creative. He calls us to be aggressive. He invites us to take risks. Jesus’ answer to how we are to live in light of His return is, “Go for it!” We’re not to wait around. We’re to get busy. We’re to take initiative. We’re not to live in fear. We’re to proceed in faith.

So how does this story apply to those of who are going to be a part of Five Stones Church? We are the servants who are blessed by a generous Master. We are the ones in a position to do something. You know what we are going to do? We’re not going to play it safe. We’re going to try to reach as many people as we possibly can. We’re also going to encourage people to be taking their next spritual step. Whatever has been put at our disposal we are going to put in motion for the salvation of others. While the rsik is great and their is no safety net we recognize that if we aren’t taking steps with Christ then we are not growing in our faith. So while the risk is large the return on the investment is incredible.


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