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Five Stones

Tools of the Trade

SummerI always love it when people post the tools that they are using to help them in both their personal and business life. Here are some of the tools that I use and love on a daily basis.

Computer: MacBook Pro

Web Browser: Firefox

Cell Phone: iPhone 3G

iPhone Apps That I Love:

TwitterFon, Things, Evernote, eWallet, Keynote Remote, Mint, Streaks, Moleskineery, Sportacular, vlingo

Music: Pandora

Task Management: Things

Social Networking: Twitter

Twitter Desktop: TweetDeck

Video Chat: Tokbox

Identity Protection: LifeLock

Personal Finances/ Money Management : Mint

Creativity: Dabbleboard

Brainstorming: Mindjet

Journal: MacJournal

Meeting/Project Notes: Notebook

URL Shortner: TinyURL


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