Greg King

Five Stones

Break the Famine

istock_000005343680small1Let me ask you an honest question? Will this be the year you break through your personal spiritual famine and take significant ground with Christ? Have you stalled some this past year in your relationship with Him? The good news is that He is waiting for you to come back to Him.  So what causes people who believe strongly in God and salvation by grace to stall out spiritually?

The Book Follow Me by Willow Creek comments that those who are stalled report much lower levels of personal spiritual practices than those who are not stalled. These same folks that have stalled also report that their spiritual growth is no longer a high priority. The overwhelming majority of these folks also said that they became unstalled by reengaging in personal spiritual practices.  So while their are several spiritual disciplines that you could embrace this year let me strongly urge you to make sure that you are spending time in your Bible. Almost every piece of research data reveals that spending time in the Bible has the highest spiritual impact in ones life. More specifically, reflect on the meaning of scripture in your life.

If you’ve been a believer for awhile then you already know this and most likely agree with everything that I have said. The issue is I know that you believe it but are you actively living it? One of the statements that I challenge my actions with comes from Andy Stanley who says; “It your direction, not your intentions that determine your destination.” So while I may say how much I love God what is the direction of my life saying? Good intentions never get us anywhere especially in the Christian Faith. Look at the following verse:

Let the priests, who minister to the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar. (Joel 2:17)

The porch was the area that everyone could see, it represents the public aspect of our Christian life. The alter however represents the private part of our worship life.  In the life of a believer, there should always be more private worship than public worship. When you read about Jesus, you do not see Him praying in public nearly as much as you see Him praying in private. We have forgotten that most of our spiritual victories are not won in public but instead they are won in private.

When was the last time you said a prayer like this: I want more Lord, I’m hungry.” I don’t want my spiritual life to be the exact way it was last year and the year before…I want more. I’m starving to death and I just can’t do my Christian life as usual any longer. Help me  to align my intentions up with my  life.


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