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Through the Eyes of Mary Part #3

istock_000007254404small1Do you ever feel a little like Charlie Brown at this time of the year, depressed over the amount of commercialism that takes places during the Christmas Season? Through the years we have even commercialized the nativity scene. If you think about it we have made the nativity into a beautiful After School Hallmark Special. The problem is that we have made the Nativity too perfect and lovely. The fact is everything about this so called silent night was anything but silent or calm. I think if we could ask Mary she would say things were far from a perfect situation that night. However, you would never know that by looking at the nativities that we have in our homes. Just think about some of these things and compare them to what we see on our mantles: Read Luke 2:1-7.

Mary has just traveled some 70 miles on a donkey. Stop right there…a pregnant woman riding on a donkey lets us know that this was not an ideal situation.

After traveling 70 miles on the donkey Mary learns that there is not a place for them to stay. In fact she is led to a stable where she is going to have to give birth to her first child. You can almost hear Mary say of all the places please not here.

In most nativity scenes Mary has not even broken a sweat.  The animals are all lined up perfectly. Some even look they have even been recently groomed. There is no dirt, insects, mud, manure or other things found in a stable full of animals. There is also no evidence that a baby has just been born in that very manger.; what I’m alluding to is that there is no blood.

The most noticeable thing missing in my opinion that night is actually the absence of a few people. There was no doctor, midwife or nurse, or even her own mother to help her through her first birth. Mary and Joseph would have to do this on their own without help from others.

Do you think this is how Mary dreamed of giving birth to God’s child? Do you think this was the picture she had in her mind of how she would deliver God’s only child? Now let me ask you this, if you were to ask Mary several years down the road if she would have changed anything about that night what do you think she would say.

I personally believe that Mary had learned a great truth about God and her circumstances:

When I make God the center of my life I can’t help but worship.


December 21, 2008 - Posted by | Worship

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  1. Monica and I were talking the other night about how scary and cool it us to give birth to a child with no doctors around. 🙂

    Comment by David | December 21, 2008 | Reply

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