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Through the Eyes of Mary Part #1

istock_000000584335small1How do you respond when the unexpected crashes into your life? The book of James tells us that it is in these moments, the moments when we are under pressure, that our faith-filled life is forced into the open and our true colors emerge. In Luke 1:26-35 we get the opportunity to see a beautiful work of art that God is putting on display for us to learn how to worship when life crashes into our lives.

Some background on this text is that God’s voice has been silent now for nearly four hundred years. God in His perfect timing has chosen to break the silence between Him and Man by sending the angel Gabriel to the Galilean Village of Nazareth to a virgin engaged to be married. I love how the Message says that she was thoroughly shaken by this unexpected visit from God’s messenger. Can you imagine if she is completely shaken by the greeting of the angel how much more would she be shaken by the rest of the message? That she would become pregnant without ever being with a man. That this birth would save mankind and fulfill the long awaited prophecy.

Its interesting that in the eyes of the world Mary was just an ordinary 14 year old girl but to God she was extraordinary. God loves to use ordinary people for extraordinary things. The Message also says that the angel declared that she was beautiful with God’s beauty both on the inside and out. When we worship God with our life we become radiant with His glory. Mary’s doubt must have been huge but her faith was bigger. Mary’s response to the unexpected in her life is one of the most glorious worship services ever held.

“I am the Lord’s servant.” May it be to me as you have said. -Luke 1:38

The greatest lesson that I learn from Mary’s unexpected worship is that,

“When I make God the center of my life I can’t help but worship.”

So if the unexpected has crashed into your life this season may you take courage and worship.


December 16, 2008 - Posted by | Worship

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