Greg King

Five Stones

Becoming or Stalled?

istock_000004378490smallWhat would be the one word you would use to describe the  spiritual growth among most of the Christians that you know? What would be the one word you would use to describe your personal spiritual growth? I would use the word “Stalled.” For whatever reason so many people that I come into contact with have stalled out in their spiritual growth and intimacy with Father. The Bible points to a much different picture of spiritual growth. According to Scripture a believer’s life is to be transformed more and more. Our transformation is not supposed to be a past event. There is to be a great progression or movement.

We are to be BECOMING!

In 2 Cor. 3:18 Paul is taking the reader back to Moses. You can break it down like this. God calls Moses to climb Mount Sinai to meet with Him face to face. Moses would be transformed during this meeting. His appearance becomes altered, his face is glowing with the radiance of God. The very first time he comes down from the mountain the people were afraid, the change was that dramatic.

In 2 Cor. 3:13 Moses wore a veil over his face when he came down to cover his fading glory. Once Moses left the presence of God, the glory would fade. With each step away from the mountain, the glory would decrease.

Here’s what I know: Moses had a veiled face. We have unveiled faces. We do not have to wear a veil because the glory is not diminishing because we are never without the presence of God. We in fact never come back down from the mountain. Moses had to go to the mountain to behold the glory of God. We don’t! We have the mountain in us. Because of this we actually have a greater level of intimacy possible because God is actually in us.

God is the one who does the transforming. He does it each time we spend quality time with Him in His Word. Let me challenge you to take a pause today and spend some quality time with this Loving God.


December 4, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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