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The Five Percent Principle

istock_000002143877largeAwhile ago I read the book The Divine Mentor and it has really challenged me on my personal worship times. In fact our family has now begun to journal together. I was reminded of a great truth from this book. It is the principle of the Last Five Percent. Let me explain: about 80 percent of all you do anyone can do. Going to work, attending meetings etc. Additionally about 15 percent of all you do someone with some measure of training could do in your place. But at least 5 percent of what you do, only you can do. no one else can do it for you.

Only I can be a husband to my wife, Rachelle.Only I can be a dad to my three children. Only I can keep my body healthy. And only I can grow spiritually. No one else can do that last 5 percent for me. I alone am responsible for it. When it comes to my relationship with God I am responsible to keep myself spiritually healthy by feeding myself. I think that is a concept that has been lost in the current church culture.

How many times do you hear people complaining that they are not being fed. Imagine this, you begin to notice that your friend has lost a lot of weight. Normally this might be a good thing but then you realize they are actually starving themselves. When you ask your friend why he or she is not eating they say because no one is feeding me. I know corny story but a pretty true portrait of most beleivers in the church today. I think it is time that our churches stopped doing so many programs and taught our people how to feed themselves.

With that challenged I knew it was time to get off of my cofortable spot and press on with the deeper things with God. So while its not time to make New Years Resolutions our family has begun to read the Bible and journal together using a method called the SOAP Process. If you are interested you can visit the following site Life Journal. Make sure to look at the journals for all different ages. I hope your faith grows beyond your expectations as you sit at the Father’s feet. I can’t wait to hear about your new self feeding program.


November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Church Life

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  1. Greg,
    On Election night I started a Prayer Journal (as a way of coping with the stress we all feel about Obama). Each night I take time to write down my prayer requests for people I know that are specifically troubling me and I also write little nuggets of info that I have learned that day or things that are on my mind (all pertaining to God/religion).
    I am proud that I have kept up with it thus far and like your thoughts on journaling as a family our Bible time. I am going to have to discuss this one with the hubby and oldest child.
    Thanks for your insight ~Michele Miller

    Comment by Michele | November 17, 2008 | Reply

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