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Five Stones

Glorified Fire Stations

As I was taking the kids to school this morning the reality hit once again that the world I live in is not the real world. We have a brand new Fire Station going up on Providence Road which has caused quite a stir with the high end subdivisions around it. One of the major concerns for some (not all) was that the Fire Station would be an eye sore for them as they entered their neighborhood. The word on the street is that someone donated $500,000 to upgrade the front appearance of the Fire Station. Needless to say as you can see by the picture this is one of the most gorgeous Fire Stations in the State. Please don’t take this as being judgemental becasue that person has the right to spend his or her money anyway they desire and for all I know he or she may be a big giver to charities that I do not know about. The problem I’m struggling with is that I know you could build at least three medical centers in Kenya for less than the cost of beautifying a Fire Station. If I was really honest the bigger problem I’m having is that in comparison with the person who donated that type of cash, I sure do waste and mishandle a lot of the money that God has allowed me to manage. I waste it on so many things that have no lasting impact. I know that the amount of money that I waste on trivial things could easily sponsor another child through Compassion International or BrightPoint for Children. God I pray that you would show me areas in my life that are glorified Fire Stations so that I wouldn’t waste your money. Give me wisdom to stop beautifying my already gorgeous life and compel me to beautify the slums of this world.


October 8, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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