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The Ultimate Lion Chase

As I’ve been chasing the lion in my Christian life I never dreamed that God would have me Chase the Lion to Africa. For the past year God has been working on my heart about what my response should be to the crisis taking place in Africa. While our family currently supports a child in Africa (Ghana) through Compassion and actively supports the Mocha Club I felt the Lord wanted me to actually go to Africa. I truly believe that each church will be responsible for what they did or did not do in Africa. Through this past year I feel that God wants to use my gifts to rally our church and others around a community in the Kenya area. I will be leaving Thursday with Ralph (great friend and co-worker) for ten days to visit villages in the Kenya area. We will be traveling with a group from the organization The 410 Bridge. It will be a whirl wind trip. I pray that God would show us a community that He would have our church establish a partnership with. I cannot believe the amount of people who have already expressed a strong interest to go from my church. I am thankful that our mission committee has been behind this scouting trip from Day #1.

During our trip, Ralph and I will be visiting 7 different communities in the Kenya area. As you can tell it is going to be quite a ride. We just learned that several of these communities will be having Compassion International Support. How exciting to think that one of our Carmel members can sponsor a child through Compassion International and then visit them with the possibility of our partnership. Here are the villages that we will be visiting:
➢    Joska ( 1 hour drive  southeast of Nairobi)
➢    Ngaamba (3 hour drive south of Nairobi)
➢    Karogoto ( 2 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Kwambekenya (3 hours drive north of Nairobi)
➢    Segera Mission (4 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Karima ( 2.5 hours North of Nairobi)
➢    Havilla Children’s Home ( 1 hour drive Northwest of Nairobi)

I’ll make sure to post some stories and pictures once I get back in Country. Keep us and our families in your prayers.


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  1. This is so exciting! Our family will certainly be praying for you and Ralph. I am especially excited to learn that we might be able to find a Compassion child there. I have been talking with Grayson (10) about him sponsoring a child and how great it would be to possibly sponsor one we could meet one day on a mission trip.
    I’m excited to learn more when ya’ll return! Be safe 🙂
    Michele Miller

    Comment by Michele Miller | September 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sometimes its the little things that God does that blows you away. Of the 7 villages that we visited while in Africa my common nickname used by the people was Simba or Sae Bor which both mean lion.

    Comment by kingme | October 7, 2008 | Reply

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