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Last night I qouted a staggering stat in a parent meeting that 88% of Christian teenagers will leave the church shortly after they graduate High School. These are the kids that have grown up going to VBS, church camp, etc. These are the kids that aren’t supposed to leave. So as a parent the tension I have to acknowledge is what do I need to be pouring into my child so that they aren’t in this number. Obviously I can’t keep doing the same thing that has been done or I may get the same unfortunate result. While there is no magic answers I believe that there is one key factor that can be recognized in students who have a flourishing faith in college and then throughout life. That one thing I see is a Mom and Dad that have decided against living a safe and comfortable Christian life. Our students are reaching graduation and looking at most believers around them and they don’t like what they see. The mantra that I hear in this generation is that “There must be more to the Christian Life than this.” More than going to church each Sunday and waving to my neighbors as we pass them by. More than packing a shoebox full of goodies for poor children each year. More than dropping some clothes off at Goodwell after we clean out our closet. More than a Christianity that is only lived on Sunday mornings. These aren’t bad things but they are safe and comfortable things. This generation is wanting to see parents that live a faith that bleeds. Begin looking at the story of your Christan life and honestly ask yourself if it is status qou. If it is maybe God is wanting you to take  your next step with God. He has wired each one of us with wonder, discovery, and passion. Each of these should be very evident in our Christian adventure. So let me ask when was the last time you did something bold and uncomfortable as a family to make His name famous. I would love to hear your stories as we all begin to engage in His incredible story. It is then that I believe that our children will be so caught up in God’s story that the things of this world won’t seem as exciting. For some of us I think its time we changed up our God story. Just my two cents.


September 11, 2008 - Posted by | Leadership


  1. Nice Blog. I am back in world of Blogs.

    Comment by iangeimer | September 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. That is a great thought.

    Even though Jesus himself says we will have trouble in this life, meaning being a Christian does not mean everything is perfect here on earth, He also says that we can live life abundantly.

    So walking through the same boring routine everyday makes us look and feel like Christian life is dull, that is not something that is appealing to imitate. We get so afraid to take a chance because we fear failure that we probably miss out on a whole lot of awesome God sized experiences.

    Comment by ktackel | September 12, 2008 | Reply

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