Greg King

Five Stones

Heavy Construction

This Past week God has been challenging my core convictions on a Big Idea that I used while teaching this week.

Big Idea: Some people expect God to do great things so they plan accordingly others plan small because they expect God to do very little in their life.

While most people would never say that they expect God to do small things in their life, the way in which they live says another. I firmly believe that God wants to increase my faith. He is clearly beginning to do some new and unexpected things in my world.

In the words of TD Jakes, “you can tell what someone is getting ready to build based upon the type of equipment around the job site.”  He says that if you roll up on a job site and see giant excavators and cranes you can rest assured that they aren’t gonna build a chicken coup.  In the same way you can look at the heavy equipment that God has placed around you and get a glimpse into what He is wanting to build. All I can say is that I’m beginning to see some big equipment roll up on my worksite.

So what steps do I need to make to preapre the worksite for what God wants to do in my life? What areas in my life show evidence of little preparation for what God could do? The way in which I live clearly reveals what I believe about God. I feel like I should have one of those signs hanging on my door that says pardon our dust construction is taking place.


September 7, 2008 Posted by | Leadership, Personal | 1 Comment