Greg King

Five Stones

What Happens When The Ball Drops

One of the most difficult tasks that every Pastor has to juggle is the balance of taking care of their own health and family while taking care of the sheep that God has entrusted to their care. Not being able to handle this juggling act has cost many Pastors their jobs and even worse their families. While every Pastor has a responsibility to care for the sheep he has a greater responsibility to care for his health and family. Some people understand that it is just humanly impossible for the Pastor to be there for every person’s emergency or to meet every persons expectation. Their are still others that can’t understand why their family shouldn’t come first. As a Pastor I cannot begin to express how difficult it is knowing that you cannot possily meet everyones expectations and woe to the Pastor that tries. Most people don’t realize how much the Pastor’s health and family suffer because of trying to juggle this huge responsibility. I am finally getting to a place in which I am comfortable enough in my own skin to say that my family needs to come first when these two worlds colide. If the ball is going to drop may it not be my family. So let me say thank-you for all those that prayed for me while I was done on my back this past week. It was a very humbling experience and probably the most I’ve hurt in years. I’m thankful to be surrounded with a staff and volunteers that know what it means to be the church. For those that had to walk through difficult times this week, I pray that our church showed themselves strong in your life.


August 24, 2008 - Posted by | Leadership

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