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Meals On Wheels

Again, as Josh promised us, today was better than the previous day.  We are all becoming so attached to Harmons.  Today we had the same work sites and everyone worked very hard.  The work became a little more difficult as a turrential downpour of rain came and blew the roof off a few of the houses we were working on.  All in all, the rain was MUCH needed here and ironically we brought rain with us last year as well.  Harmons has not had more than a spurt of 15 min of rain, for more than a month until today.  It’s amazing to be so thankful for something, that we often take forgranted when we have a focet with running water whenever we want. Tonight was also a special night as our students had the opportunity to eat dinner in a Jamaican’s home (Meals on Wheels.) I can’t wait for you to talk with your student about their impressions about being in a Jamaican’s home. Our students love this community and love being in community with the people of Harmons. Tomorrow we will finish off the three houses and present them to their new owners.



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  1. Greg
    We were so happy to welcome home the Jamaica group last night. What a fun reunion to be a part of! Alec shared about as much as he could before crashing… I don’t know if he will wake up today! Thank you for leading them to Harmons and enabling them to share the love of Christ with their people last week. Undoubtedly life-changing.

    Happy Birthday. Good luck with getting the new I-Phone.

    Comment by Lauri Dragelin | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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