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The Elephant in the Room

Last night I felt led at the end of our church session to talk about the elephant that is in our student ministry. What led to that talk was how our students have connected with the song by Chris Tomlin called the “God of this City.” It is a song that talks about how God wants to use us to reach our city for His name sake and glory. They came into that meeting wanting to be One and reach our city for Christ.

I said the reality of our camp trip this year is that we are not One. In fact we actually have two churches represented at Carmel’s student camp one church of course being Carmel Baptist and the other Elevation church. Many of our students have chosen to attend Elevation Church on Sunday mornings for worship and then attend Carmel for the things that Elevation does not offer at this time, such as family events, student ministry, mission trips, camp etc. This has caused our student ministry to become fractured and off balanced.

My challenge to the students and to our families is for them to plug into one church and serve her with all their heart. The church is the bride of Christ and I firmly believe that God desires for us to invest in one local church body to make an impact in the lives of others. To me it is like being married but telling your wife that you would rather have dinner next door becasue your neighbors wife is a better cook in regards to a particular dish but that you plan to be back for desert. I’m afraid we are teaching our students to always move to the next best thing instead of making where you are at great. So my personal opinion is if God has led you to Elevation then do all you can to advance the vision and purpose of Elevation church. If God has led you to be at Carmel then serve her with all that you can.

I also told our students that I believe that where they worship should be a family decision and not just an individual decision. Parents I know this is not an easy issue for you to navigate with your teenagers but it is one that needs to be settled for the sake of your family and the church family as a whole. May God continue to bless both of our churches as we run hard after Jesus Christ. As you know I have a particular preference in regards to where our family will worship and serve but I also recognize that Elevation is doing the task that God has laid on their hearts. So my prayer is that God would continue to bless both of our churches as we run hard after Jesus Christ. That His people would not be divided on where they should serve. I would love to hear your comments and what you are experiencing as a family.


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Last Day of Camp

Today is our last full day of camp. Hard to call it camp when you have a view from your hotel room like this. The students have been challenged at every worship service to live a life that is not normal. Louie has actually taken time during each of the messages to read from the journal of girl who was a non-believer who was led to Christ by her room-mate. Her journal entries have really hit the kids hard. Today they will learn that this young lady was tragically killed. It is a story of what can happen when someone lives and extraordinary life and the impact it can have on a generation. I will hopefully be posting some beach pictures later tonight. I will also let you know what time we are pulling out tom. Please know that the church hot line is out of commission so your student will be calling you tom. in route to let you know our estimated time of arrival. Please keep us in your prayers as this will be a very important day.

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The Way

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know that we had at least two of our students surrender to the Way (Jesus Christ) tonight. They bodly proclaimed Christ in the worship service. We are about to move into our church group time so I am looking forward to what other decisions were made by our students. Louie also very clearly described what it meant for a teen to live out a life that wasn’t normal. Our students are really struggling with the fact that for the most part they live life like everyone else they know. Parents this topic is one worth exploring deeper when your student gets home.

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