Greg King

Five Stones

Indian Summer

The King Family can officially declare it summer with the appearance of Cooper’s first Mohawk. He’s been wanting one for quite some time but we couldn’t swing it with the school dress code rules. Now that summer is here he can venture out. A little more height and it would be perfect. Maybe we can transition to the mullet for school. After seeing Cooper it makes me wonder if I could pull off the Mohawk.?Can you have a Mohawk if you have  the widow’s peak action working? So here is a fresh pic since I had so many requests from twitter. I need to figure out how to post a pic on twitter.


July 3, 2008 - Posted by | Personal


  1. remember to sunscreen his head now!

    Comment by ktackel | July 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Awesome look Cooper!

    Comment by Duke | July 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. I love it!!! Nevin had a mohawk the summer before 1st grade. 🙂 He loved to spray it green!! 🙂 Just an idea! Lori

    Comment by Chaz | July 3, 2008 | Reply

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