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Rock-Star or Shepherd?

One of the concerning movements that I have noticed taking place among the new church starts in America is a Rock star focus that the preacher is requesting or obtaining from his congregation and staff. While I applaud the laser like focus that many of these younger Pastors have and the amount of new converts that are coming to know the Lord in their church, my concern is that a blind spot has occurred in their ministry. I truly believe that if left unchecked this type of pride will lead to a serious fall. When I look at the great preachers of our faith the one characteristic that I see is a humble spirit. I can’t imagine Billy Graham having people press his shirt in between services, or John Calvin feeling comfortable spending time in the applause of his staff, or John Piper asking guest preachers to come and preach on how to love your Pastor. It seems to me that Jesus said that the we are to take care of His sheep.

“The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him but the number of people he serves.” – John Maxwell

When you look at the ministry of Jesus you see that he removed himself from the mass attention of the people. If one is a gifted and anointed man of God he is going to have to set some barriers around himself to protect his heart from the rock star status that people will want to bestow upon him and his ministry.

Here are some of the comparisons that I see

Rock star Pastors are concerned with how they look and how they are treated

Shepherd Pastors are concerned with the condition of the sheep and know that they will smell like the sheep

Rock star Pastors are all about titles and comforts

Shepherd Pastors are more concerned with the name of their sheep and will always sacrifice their comfort for the health of the flock.

Again I can’t begin to say how much the church of America needs passionate men of God like many of these young Pastors to awaken our churches, but I pray that they would protect themselves from a rock star status. May they surround themselves with an inner circle of people that are loyal but who aren’t afraid to bring them back down to earth.

Thank-you God for these young pastors that are set on changing the image of the church but please surround them with people that will help protect them from pride issues. God please protect me from pride issues as I am the first to become too full of myself.


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  1. Intersting that you should write about “Rockstar” preachers since I just returned from the SBC Annual Meeting. Though not *every* is seeking rockstar status, it is entertaining to watch all the stars in their flashy suits and how the average Joe reacts while in their presence. As with any star, they too will burnout.
    Good post and warning to us preachers.

    Comment by kevin griggs | July 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Greg,
    Great insight. The movement has shifted from “Bro. So and So”, CEO to “Bro. Fancy T-Shirt”, Rock Legend (although the paychecks have continued to grow).
    I think first, your point about Billy Graham, John Calvin, and John Piper will fall on deaf ears because this type mentality is taken from “christian” snake oil salesman whose methods and scripture twisting will prove like all other false teachers to be nothing less than heresy. You can’t read Piper for two minutes without a challenge to die to self, worldly riches, and status.
    Proof texting and pop-psychology have taken over too many pulpits pushing sound expository preaching out the door.
    I am all about loving visitors, making them feel at home and preaching the gospel of the biblical Jesus Christ to them. However, church is for the edification, and sanctification of the saints. Seeker sensitivity has taken away the conviction and chastening of the Scriptures designed to enlighten the hearts and minds of the church through the power of the Holy Spirit enabling them to be a strong witness to the community they live in.
    “…Shepherds will smell like sheep.” I’m writing that in the front of my bible. A shepherd checks for ticks, fleas, worms, broken bones, etc. He leads from within, on the side, and behind pushing forward and encouraging from beside.
    God bless you brother.

    Comment by acts2forty2 | July 5, 2008 | Reply

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