Greg King

Five Stones

Car Doors and Grace Collide

Tonight on my way to our annual Student Leader Christmas Party I went to unlock my car door and came across a foot long scratch down the side of my car. So heres the deal, if you don’t run in my circle than you probably aren’t aware that I treat my 4 runner like the Holy Grail. I have rules in place about what you can and can’t do in the car or around the car in an effort to keep it clean. Let’s just say that this is the first major scratch that I’ve had on the car in 3.5 years.

So I went and found my 5 year old bike riding son to ask him about the scratch on the car. As we began to go through the whole scenario and how he broke the rule of riding his bike in between the cars, God allowed me the wisdom to show Him love and grace. In fact my heart melted when he said, “Dad you can go and scratch my bike so that it will make it fair.” Actually I wanted to run his bike over with my car but I was able to keep that thought to myself. After a great talk and many hugs I was able to tell him that tonight I wasn’t going to be fair but instead I was going to grant grace.

I am so glad that God was not fair with me in what I deserved for my sin. That instead of fairness He gave grace. That instead of what I deserved He gave grace. How thankful I am that God granted me restraint and wisdom tonight to teach Cooper and myself a valuable lesson. So now every-time I go to open my car door I”ll always be reminded of God’s grace.


December 10, 2007 - Posted by | Life

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