Greg King

Five Stones

Day #14 of 21 Day Challenge

Read:John 14 (the Message)

My Verse:  But so the world might know how thoroughly I love the Father, I am carrying out my Father’s instructions right down to the last detail. (v.30)

My Reflection:  As you study the life of Christ you can see through the Scriptures that He did exactly what he said. From the arrival of Christ as a Babe in the Straw, we can see the fulfillment of more than a 100 prophecies. What a huge life changing question for His children to ask themselves. how does the world around me know how thoroughly I love the Father? If it’s only by my words than I am missing out on the life that God wants me to live.

My Prayer: Father may the world know the love that I have for you by my obedience to your Word. As a Dad whenever I’m disciplining my children I always ask them this question: “When do we obey?” The answer comes back first time. God may it be said in my life that I obey on the first time.


December 4, 2007 - Posted by | Challenge

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