Greg King

Five Stones

Phase Two Completed

I just completed phase two tonight in my dominate golf strategy. Purchased a golf bag, putter and a 56 degree wedge. The arsenal is not complete but it is coming close. Planning on going out to a Par 3 course tomorrow if it doesn’t rain, to try out some of my new tools.


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Fee Update

Last night our student ministry hosted a night of worship led by Steve Fee. We invited a few smaller smaller churches in our area and had an incredible night. It looks like we may have broken the 500 mark for the first time in the Carmel Student Ministry. The best part of the night for me was watching my little girl get excited about worship. I wonder if my students have any idea how blessed they are to be able to have someone with the talent and heart for worship like Steve Fee to come to our Wed. night service? What a great night.

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