Greg King

Five Stones

And So It Begins…

A new day has come…I have just become the next weekend golf warrior. After an 11 year layoff I have decided it is time for me to reclaim my spot at the top of the golf world. In fact I have just launched phase one of a five phase process.

  • Phase 1 Completed: Purchased a set of TaylorMade rac os 2 Men’s Iron Set-Steel Shafts
  • Phase 2: In the next two weeks purchase a golf bag and putter
  • Phase 3: Use Christmas money to buy a most excellent driver
  • Phase 4: Take some lessons to ignite the raw talent that is lying just below the surface
  • Phase 5: Emerge as the best golfer on staff by the end of Summer o8

While some my scoff at the idea that I will ever have time to play with two children the ages of 8 and 5 and one on the way in Novemeber , let me respond to your weak faith in all things man. Every man needs at least one hobby to relieve the stress and toll of work and raising the family, so I will take time throughout the month to rest and relax and to dominate. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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