Greg King

Five Stones

Nehemiah is the Last Hero

Today I finished up my 4 week stint on Heroes with Nehemiah. Here are the main points from Nehemiah.

  1. A Hero recognizes the need for worship when God gives them a holy discontent.
  2. A Hero recognizes hat God uses our circumstances to place us exactly when He wants us to be.
  3. A Hero must learn to unlearn their fears.
  4. A Hero never focuses on the “How” but instead they focus on the “What.”

The Big Idea: A step of faith is what keeps most people from living the life that God wants for them.

At the close of each message I challenged folks to come to the altar to do business with God. The challenge was for them to take that first step that God wanted them to take. At each of the four services the people responded and God was lifted up. I know we had about 100 people at the 9:30am service at the altar and the traditional service surprised me when about 50 plus people came forward. God showed Himself strong today at Carmel. I am blessed that He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


June 24, 2007 - Posted by | Preaching

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