Greg King

Five Stones

I Can’t Do Time

Just one more reason to add to my list of why I can’t do time in jail. The Kansas officials have decided to only issue four rolls of toliet paper for the month to each inmate. I think toilet paper will become the new form of currency in the prison systems. I know in my house the paper holds a high value.


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Ready to Ignite

It’s 4:50pm and I’m supposed to be doing some last minute message prep but I am just too excited. Tonight we launch our new series called Ignite. The goal is to ignitea passion for Christ in our worship and our lives. In fact this is actually another lion that we are chasing. We have been praying that God would bring in 300 students to hear the message. The band Se7enmiles is here for the next four weeks and let me just say I don’t know how we landed guys with this type of talent and quality. The last thing that I wanted to say as to why I am so excited is because of the spiritual battles that have been ragging around our lives again this week. In fact Ian my Associate just got into a wreck just a few minutes ago as he was going out to run errands. Fortunately he is okay but the enemy is definitely trying to get in the way for tonight. God please do somehting big tonight in our lives.

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