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Where Are the Real Men?

So far in my new blogging adventure I have tried to keep things positive but that ship has just left the dock, time for me to vent. I am so sick and tired of watching families crumble because the Dad can’t keep his business in his pants. I don’t think I can sit down with another student and listen to them cry about their Dad’s desire to leave the family so he can be happy. How we can justify affairs because it makes us happy or becasue the sex is good? Seriously, I could punch someone in the throat right now as I begin to count how many conversations I have had to have with students about why their Dad couldn’t be faithful. Where is the accountability? Let me lay down the challenge, if you are a man and one of your friends comes to you to say that they want to leave their family because the sex is great with someone else be a man and hold them accountable. God may today be the last day that I have to talk with a student about this awful hurt. I hope I don’t get arrested for punching people in the throat because as you learned in my previous blog I can’t serve time.

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I Can’t Do Time

Just one more reason to add to my list of why I can’t do time in jail. The Kansas officials have decided to only issue four rolls of toliet paper for the month to each inmate. I think toilet paper will become the new form of currency in the prison systems. I know in my house the paper holds a high value.

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