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Joy Prom Reflections

Our first  (Joy) prom for those in the Charlotte area with special needs was a huge success. Here are some of my thoughts from the night.

I never expected to have over 200 people show up for this party. We had over 120 people with special needs plus their caregivers. The age range was from 14-84 years old.

I have never seen Carmel look so incredible. The decorations and theme were crazy. Everything from the desserts to the free shoe shines was done with excellence. By far my favorite part was watching our guest arrive and walk through the star and down the red carpet. The paparazzi was a great touch.

I have never been more proud of our students and our church than on Friday night.

Fact: God blesses us when we take big risks for His name. It was a blessing to be able to chase down this lion and hang it on the mantle. I can’t wait to lock eyes with our next lion.

Are you kidding me two couples actually got engaged at the party.

I look so much better in my tux than Ian.

I am honored to serve at a church that would allow us to tackle such an incredible event.

Fact: When God gives the vision He brings in the money. Thank-you to the many people who obeyed and gave to make this event happen.Volunteers are you kidding me!

We had over 200 volunteers show up to serve and party.

Leslie is a planning machine. I love to watch her use her gifts.

Thank-you to the big biker man that held me in a bear hug for several uncomfortable moments as he expressed his joy for throwing this party for his daughter.

We already met today to go over details and the theme for next year. Thank-you God for laying the vision on my heart to ask “If our church closed our doors would the community know?” Thank-you for leading us to the Joy Prom and blessing us beyond our imaginations. Your love was and is extravagant.


April 24, 2007 - Posted by | Church Life

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